Thursday, December 10, 2015

Your Terrorism Doesn't Scare Me!

Your Terrorism Doesn't Scare Me

Dear Terrorists,

You might think your actions have affected me, but all you've done is make me appreciate this world even more and everything that I have been blessed with. I pity you. How miserable your life must be that you feel the need to cause so much chaos and destruction.

You may threaten my places of worship, my children's schools, my health clinics,  my movie theaters, my workplace, my marathons, or even my existence in a country I call home, but your actions will not affect the way I live my life.

I will continue to wake each morning and educate myself, provide for my family, wear my hijab, pray and seek guidance and peace. I will unapologetically be me and there is nothing you can do about it.

While you teach your children to hate and discriminate, I will teach mine love, respect and empathy. While you and your children destroy and abuse because of your ignorance and xenophobia, me and my children will share our compassion with those who are in need. While your children learn from your hateful rhetoric and become school bullies, mine will focus on the things that matter and be valedictorians.

Even if you use my religion as a tool for your psychopathic propaganda, I will continue to show the world the truth with my peaceful actions and stance against oppression. Your sick and twisted ideology has nothing to do with my beliefs and nothing to do with my Prophet. Terrorism has no race, religion or nationality.

You are just an empty shell of a human being that has been filled with hate and ignorance. I would pray for you, but I doubt it would make a difference. I pray for humanity, peace and a more compassionate world.

So you see, my life continues, without fear or apprehension. I will stand up for myself, my country, and my faith. I will educate my children and teach them to be tolerant, fearless and confident. And on election day, I will use my vote to ensure your fear mongering and fascism does not reach the White House.

An American Muslim Woman

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